Paper Physics Laboratory

Our lab for physical paper testing can cover a wide range of measurements on fibre suspensions, fibers, paper and also other materials. Due to decades of research and support of industry a large inventory of equipment is available. It is supported by experienced employees. We ensure a high level of qualifications for our employees by participation in standardization committees and are taking part regularly in CEPI ring tests as a “qualified lab”.

In addition to standardized test methods for fibers, pulp and paper we are working on measurement methods and sensors for solving specific problems in cooperation with industry partners. We do have special know-how in image analysis based methods and the utilization of algorithms for identification of periodic structures, for instance by fuzzy clustering methods.

We have been partners in the development of measurement methods for example for the determination of the biogenic share of carbon in paper industries rejects methods for quantifying stickies and applications of wire mark analysis for solving problems in industrial applications and paper physics.

Service Example Application
Testing of basic properties tensile, optical properties, smoothness, air permeability apparent density, moisture content, filler content fiber microscopiy, handsheets TAPPI und RK, RCT, SCT, CMT, shive and flake content, laboratory beating, water retention value, grease permeability, vapor permeability,… general paper testing
Testing with extended
pilot refiner, MK-Sheetformer, Fiberlab, heat conductivity, surface topography, mercury porosimetry, force-elongation curves in x,- , y-, and z-direction, contact angle, dynamic penetration, … counterfeit refining, fiber analysis, analysis of special fiber properties, leading parameters in research projects
Testing in extended processes recyclability, deinkability, sticky analysis, accelerated ageing, image analysis, analysis of wire marks, formation analysis, forensic analysis, classification of pulps, determination of fossil carbon percentage, mottling, … product certificates, feasibility studies, authenticity tests, confirmation for authorities
Project supporting effectivity of enzymes, paper as a construction material, complaints, … Industrial projects, trouble-shooting
Testing equipment manufacturing/calibration of slotted plates or sieves, preparation and certification of Jokro refining equipment, … certification of equipment
Delivering of test material corundum powder for sticky analysis, stains for microscopic analysis, … storage of specified material
General resources climate cells, workshop, different equipment, library, …