It’s our pride to be able to present a wide experience and competence based on history since 1905, the institute’s foundation. Together with our expertise, the equipment of our laboratories grew more and more. “Recycling of paper” as well as “paper from recycling”, together with “environmental and consumer protection”, they all are fields, claiming our strength for decades. Results like “closing water circuits utilizing anaerobic biological treatment”, “evaluation of sticky determination”, “characterization of fiber properties”, or “wire marks as a means to evaluate paper properties” found their way into industrial application. Well established information concerning chemical compounds in a piece of paper, the behavior of additives during the recycling process and new approaches to eliminate ink from secondary fibers are commonly asked by paper mills or public organizations.

In cooperation with the paper industry, it is one of our main aspects to support our partners in the challenges they are faced with. To emphasize this we can show a long reference list of projects in applied science. Also, we take care of development in basic science, especially in paper physics, to prepare the conditions for new and innovative products and processes in the near and the far future as well.

Paper technology has always been a discipline with an interconnective character. Engineering science, natural science, economic science, and political respectively public aspects have to be regarded by those being in a responsible position in our industry. It is obvious, that projects connecting people internationally and across different specializations gain enhanced intentness. We welcome this development as well as activities besides paper science, for instance in material science based on regrowing components, because we expect high demand for expertise held in the field of paper technology, and we expect new business areas with high potential.