Pilot plant stock preparation

For experiments in the field of recycling or stock preparation, a pilot plant is available at PMV where all relevant processes may be carried out at a small industrial scale. There sample amounts of 10 to 50 kg fiber material (oven-dried) or 1 to 3 m3 suspension may be processed. Working with closed water loops and water treatment is not possible. The following process steps are available: pulping, sorting (different screen baskets), cleaner and hydro cyclones, deinking (flotation), refining and thickening. The pilot plant is controlled by a Siemens PCS-7 process control system that is used for training and testing of field devices, too.

Process control system Siemens PCS7
– Power-regulated drives
– Control of pressure and flow rate
– Controlled driving style
LC pulper for up to 50 kg pulp
Print sorter with numerous sorting baskets
Semi-technical flotation cell for ink removal (deinking)
cone refiner
Various cleaners
Three storage tanks for inflow, acceptance and rejects