Introduction to Scientific working and writing

Module number: 16-16-3223

Lecture: Introduction to Scientific working and writing
Frequency: Ongoing, winter semester + summer semester
Time and room: You will receive the dates of the tutorials and the lecture on the moodle teaching platform. You will be automatically enrolled there as soon as you have registered for the course in TUCaN.
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Schabel
Lukas Daum
Type of examination: Written paper, ungraded (pass/fail) and written analysis of the text (“peer review”)
Address: Mandatory course (Bachelor MB)

The course serves to prepare students for their own scientific work and is based on typical questions with which students are confronted, e.g. when writing their bachelor thesis. Participation in this course enables students to work more effectively and successfully in dealing with sources and writing project and final papers.

The students know basic characteristics of scientific work and can distinguish scientific work from non-scientific engineering activities. They are familiar with various principles of good scientific practice and have discussed borderline cases.

The students know and have used various software tools for the systematic research of scientific documents. They can distinguish reliable sources of scientific knowledge from sources that cannot be cited.

The students are familiar with typical structures and concepts of scientific work in the engineering sciences, such as a specialist publication or a thesis, and relevant conventions for the presentation of work results, such as DIN-standards for graphic representations and citation forms, the structure and structuring of source lists and bibliographies.

They know the principles and rules for the design of good scientific texts as well as for the criteria guided analysis of texts and have applied them in their own text production and in the peer review procedure. The students have applied their knowledge of research and citation in their own text production.

The students are able to design their writing process effectively and prevent possible writing inhibitions.

Advantages of the module:

- Learning important basics for scientific work

- Competent contact persons for text design

- Get regular feedback on a writing project and give feedback to others

- Set goals independently and pursue them in the writing group

Further information about the event:

General conditions for attending the lecture as well as current information on current events can be found on TuCAN and on the homepage of the Schreibcenters(Writing Center).