Paper Engineering

A Job with Perspective

Paper engineers form the technical backbone of this industry – in production, research, and development, plant planning, sales and management. The broadly diversified process engineering training also opens up the entire branch of process engineering as a field of activity. Particularly interesting: Paper as a completely bio-based and renewable raw material is increasingly being used for previously unknown solutions and new sustainable materials, for example as innovative composite materials, filters for high-performance engines or in building materials – a perspective with a future.

The industry is showing great interest in the next generation of engineers in the field of “Paper Science and Technology”. Currently, there are more topic proposals for Bachelor's or Master's theses than there are students. If you are particularly interested in science, graduates of the Master's program “Paper Science and Technology” have the opportunity to do a doctorate.

The title “Paper Engineer” opens up interesting fields of work for you in the paper industry, for example in the production of paper, cardboard and paperboard, the production of pulp and mechanical pulp and the processing of waste paper as a raw material. Due to the cross-industry use of innovative solutions made of paper as a material, the industry also offers exciting challenges in other areas, e.g:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Production and processing of materials from renewable raw materials
  • Research and Development
  • consulting firm
  • insurances
  • process engineering
  • patent system

There is also a demand for specialists in marketing or sales of paper products. In many other occupations, the handling of paper plays a major role, for example in the creative occupations of the advertising industry or the engineering and training occupations of the printing industry or the processing industry.

Make valuable contacts already during your studies and take part in interesting events and excursions – as a member of the following associations:

  • “Akademischer Papieringenieur-Verein Darmstadt” (APV) – an association of students and graduates of the course of studies “Paper Science & Technology” The aim of the association is to support the study of each individual and to facilitate the entry into professional life. Further information hier or
  • “Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure” – an association for the promotion of technical and scientific work, possibility to participate in events, e.g. trade fairs and annual conferences,