Announcement: Symposium of Paper Engineers in Darmstadt in October


The Symposium of Paper Engineers will be held in Darmstadt from October 19 to 21. This year's theme of the lecture series is KLARTEXT.RECYCLING, in which, among others, Professor Schabel will also give a lecture on the “Opportunities and challenges for the circular economy with paper”.

The symposium is organized by the Vereinigte Papierfachverband München e. V. (VPM), the Akademische Papieringenieurverein Dresden e. V. (APV Dresden) and the Akademische Papieringenieurverein Darmstadt e. V. (APV Darmstadt). In addition to the lecture series, there will be reports on the three training centers Munich, Dresden and Darmstadt as well as student lectures, a social evening and excursions.

Further information can be found on the homepage. Due to parallel trade fairs in Frankfurt, early room reservations are recommended.