Recycling and Preparation of Paper and Bio-based Fibre Materials

Module number: 16-16-5130

Turnus: Sommersemester
Dozent: Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Schabel
Credit Points: 4 CP
Prüfungsform: Mündliche Prüfung 30 bis 45 min
  • Pflichtbereich Master PST
  • Wahlpflichtbereich II Master MPE

The content of the lecture includes:

  • In-depth treatment of processes for the treatment and recycling of fibrous materials as well as for process water treatment (aerobic/ anaerobic)
  • Modelling of the flow properties of fibre suspensions
  • Process concepts for processing plants (defibration, sorting and cleaning techniques, waste paper deinking, etc.)
  • Modelling of material cycles
  • Residue treatment and recycling
  • Environmental protection and sustainability in processing plants

Lecture notes

The documents for the lecture are provided in moodle.

Recommended literature

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