BAMP! - Building with Paper

Module number: 16-16-3244

Term: Summer semester
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Schabel
Credit Points: 4 CP Master MPE and PST
Assesment methods: Presentation, demonstrator construction and protocol
Classification: WP III Master PST

The content of the lecture includes:

The course considers the product development process in an interdisciplinary approach. Based on a concrete example of “Building with paper”, the lectures will teach the basics of all aspects of the process chain (material selection and design, chemical functionalisation, design and dimensioning of semi-finished products and components as well as a finished building). The contents of the lectures will be deepened in interdisciplinary small groups by practical experiments and the results will be presented in a final presentation as well as in the form of a demonstrator (haptic model).

Lecture documents

The documents for the lecture are provided in moodle.

Additional information

Due to the number of departments and institutes involved, the number of participants is limited. A two-stage registration procedure is required for participation in the event and examination:

1.) Binding registration for the course is made by entry in participant lists which are available at the secretariat of the PtU (for FB 16 students), at the secretariat of the ISMD (for FB 13 students), at the secretariat of the Department of Plastic Design (for FB 15 students) and at the secretariat of the MAP (for FB 7 students).

2.) Registration for the module, course and examination in TuCAN.

The registration must be made by 16.04.2018 in the participant lists as well as in TuCAN. A later registration will not be considered. Direct registration according to the above steps is binding for participation in the event. If no entry is made in the institute lists (i.e. only via TuCAN), participation in the event will only be possible via a replacement place.