Industry internship

Objective structure of the internship

The industrial internship is divided into the technical internship (industrial internship with mainly executive character) and the project internship (engineering related internship). The duration of the internship is 12 weeks.

The training plan stipulates a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of eight weeks for the specialist internship. The trainee must show at least four weeks and a maximum of six weeks from the project internship.

The individual training phases of the internship can be carried out in any order. However, only full weeks will be recognized for a field of activity. These can consist of five days in different weeks and different internships. It is possible to divide the internship between different companies, but the aim should be a training period of at least four weeks in one company.

Technical internship
Activity Duration
FP1 Pulp production 0-2 weeks
FP2 Stock preparation 0-2 weeks
FP3 Paper machines 0-2 weeks
FP4 Fiber finishing and processing 0-2 weeks
FP5 Manufacturing control 0-2 weeks
FP6 Process water treatment 0-2 weeks
6-8 weeks

FP 1 Pulp production

groundwood production (debarking, grinding, bleaching), pulp production (cooking, bleaching)

FP 2 Stock preparation

Residual stock preparation, waste paper sorting, primary fibre and waste paper preparation (sorting, cleaning, floating, fractionating, dispersing, grinding)

FP 3 Paper Machines

Fourdrinier and twin screening machines with their process control systems and water circuits

FP 4 Fiber finishing and processing

Coating, production of packaging, production and processing of fibre composite materials

FP 5 Production control

Offline and online quality assurance

FP 6 Process water treatment

Mechanical, biological and chemical treatment of process and waste water, energy recovery from process water

Project internship
Activity Duration
PRO Research, development, planning, construction, engineering services 4-6 weeks

PRO Project Internship

During the project internship, the interns work on a typical engineering project. Examples could be: creation of animations of machines and plants, process optimization (e.g. in stock preparation, at the paper machine, in equipment, in waste water treatment), plant and factory planning, balancing of impurities and rejects or further activities in the field of research and development.

In order to avoid recognition difficulties, prior consultation with the paper manufacturing department is recommended.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Internship Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering or in the current Praktikumsordnung (opens in new tab) .